Naseeruddin Shah admits fault for claiming ‘Sindhi no longer spoken in Pakistan’

Naseeruddin Shah admits fault for claiming ‘Sindhi no longer spoken in Pakistan’

In his statement, Shah addressed the controversies, describing them as “completely unnecessary.” Regarding his misstatement about the Sindhi language, he admitted his error and expressed regret for his inaccurate statement. Shah acknowledged that Sindhi continues to be spoken in Pakistan and acknowledged the significance of preserving linguistic diversity. “Two completely unnecessary controversies seem to have erupted over things I’ve said recently. One regarding my misstatement about the Sindhi language in Pakistan. I was in error there,” admitted Shah.

Additionally, Shah clarified his remarks about the relationship between the Marathi and Farsi languages. “The second over what I’m supposed to have said about the relationship between Marathi and Farsi. My exact words were, ‘Many Marathi words are of Farsi origin.’ My intention was not to run down the Marathi language but to talk about how diversity enriches all cultures Urdu itself is a mix of Hindi Farsi Turkish and Arabic. English has borrowed words from all European languages not to mention Hindustani and I suppose that is true of every language spoken on earth,” he stated.

Shah’s comments, made during an interview with Anmol Jamwal on the Tried&Refused Productions‘ YouTube channel, stirred controversy when he inadvertently downplayed the presence of the Sindhi language in Pakistan. His remark, “Sindhi, of course, is no longer spoken in Pakistan,” drew criticism and led to a widespread debate.

Whilst in conversation with Jamwal, Shah touched upon various topics, including the portrayal of the Mughal Empire in contemporary times, his role in the series Taj: Divided by Blood, his passion for Urdu, his acting influences, and his thoughts on the future. While the conversation covered a wide range of subjects, it was his remarks on the Sindhi and Marathi languages that sparked controversy.

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