Toyota’s First Hybrid Electric Car to Hit Pakistan Roads Next Month

Toyota’s First Hybrid Electric Car to Hit Pakistan Roads Next Month

In a big vita move for Pakistan’s car business sector, Toyota is set to launch its first Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) in the upcoming month. The CEO of Indus Motor Company (IMC), Ali Jamali, explained details of the company’s venture into local HEV production, involving a substantial $100 million investment.

By taking these important steps not only the cost of import be reduced but also the annual savings of 37$ million as production ramps up to an impressive 30,000 HEV units.

The target is on the Corolla Cross HEV, a hybrid crossover expected to major positive impact on the Pakistani automotive industry. In a time of economic crises, the Corolla Cross’s remarkable fuel efficiency stands out as a compelling selling point, providing consumers with an eco-friendly driving experience.

As a starting point Completely Build Unit (CBU) has been introduced whereas Corolla Cross has already gained popularity in Pakistan. With its 1798cc hybrid engine, delivering 168hp at 3600 RPM and 305Nm torque at 3600 RPM, the vehicle has left a noteworthy impression. According to experts these locally assembled units will uplift not only Toyota’s financial position but also bring a turning point in the local market to provide the cars at very affordable prices.

As the launch date approaches in 2023, excitement is building among consumers and automotive enthusiasts. The introduction of the Corolla Cross reflects Toyota’s strategic vision and commitment to delivering cutting-edge, environmentally conscious vehicles to the Pakistani market.

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