Toyota teaches AI to drift GR Supra, world’s first self-drifting car

Toyota teaches AI to drift GR Supra, world’s first self-drifting car

In collaboration with Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab, Toyota has introduced the world’s first tone-drifting GR Supra, aiming to revise road safety. The design is driven by the vision of incorporating professional racing instincts with slice-edge artificial intelligence( AI) to enhance vehicle robotization technology.

Grounded around the question, ‘ What if every motorist who ran into trouble had the spontaneous revulsions of a professional race auto motorist and the calculated foresight of a supercomputer to avoid a crash? ’ the tone-drifting GR Supra is seeking to combine the technology of vehicle robotization with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Inspired by professional drift motorists, the masterminds are conducting exploration on how to bring together the instincts of contending motorists and automated driving technology, with the tone-drifting GR Supra as their testbed. The end thing is to design a new position of active safety technology and partake it astronomically so that Toyota and other bus manufacturers can emplace it on the road.

“Every day, there are deadly vehicle crashes that result from extreme situations where most drivers would need superhuman skills to avoid a collision,” said Gill Pratt, TRI CEO and Chief Scientist at Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). “The reality is that every driver has vulnerabilities, and to avoid a crash, drivers often need to make maneuvers that are beyond their abilities. Through this project, TRI will learn from some of the most skilled drivers in the world to develop sophisticated control algorithms that amplify human driving abilities and keep people safe. This is the essence of the Toyota Guardian™ approach.”


The need for similar inventions is underlined by the intimidating statistics of auto-related losses, with nearly 40,000 in the United States and1.25 million worldwide each time. The tone-drifting Supra aims to empower vehicles with the capability to handle extremities beyond the ordinary motorist’s capacities.

Trials at the Thunderhill Raceway have showcased the capabilities of the tone-drifting Supra, offering regard to the implicit future of automotive safety. Toyota envisions incorporating the developed algorithms into active safety systems, creating a safety net for motorists during extremities.

While the design is still in the experimental stage, Toyota’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries for safer and more pleasurable driving gests marks a significant step towards a new period of automotive safety. The tone-drifting Supra symbolizes the community between mortal suspicion and AI, bringing us near to a future with smaller road accidents and enhanced driving capabilities.

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