The Emotional Mathematician written By SARANG KHAN

The Emotional Mathematician written By SARANG KHAN

Guillermo del toro, director of The Shape Of Water (2017) once called a man the emotional mathematician because his body of work incorporates mathematically inspired imagery with human emotions. Certainly, on a July of 30,1970. Perhaps, an auteur was born whose cinematic style and craft blew up the mind of zillion people by preserving the essence of mainstream cinematic pulse in films. In the midst of this discussion, I need to mention some sound knowledge regarding auteurism.

An auteur is a filmmaker who has obtained a consistency in the process of filmmaking. Certainly, an auteur dominates the narrative structure of the film just like an author. Moreover, auteurs deal with the filmmaking with their own kind of approach. For instance, usage of hand held camera movement, dramatic setting in film, unconditional narrative structures and the film noir.

No doubt, this is some how different than the traditional type of filmmaking but an auteur takes such skilfull risks for proving cinematic worth. I need to finalise this discussion on auteurism but my main point of preference is to clarify who is this emotional mathematician? If I mention his name right now here then probably most of the people know him from his commercially blockbuster films but I need to produce some kind of suspense here so that readers can use their cerebral power to guess that man.

Surprisingly, he is the man who has blown our mind with his cerebral and non linear films. Verily, I guess from this contextual line people may search out the filmmakers who used to make non linear films and no doubt output would be christopher nolan at the top of list.

 There is a lot of literature available on the christopher nolan but this essay of mine is written from my core of heart to acknowledge a filmmaker whose cinematic craft has inspired me so well through out the years. Certainly, I have learned enormous things from him as a filmmaker and screenwriter. We all must know that before becoming an auteur, nolan is a good writer. I believe a good writer can deal the film in a very enthusiastic and creative manner.

You have to leave something behind to go further. This is a line from the screenplay of his blockbuster film i-e Interstellar (2014). Though this line looks so simple yet it conveys a profound message. This line is indeed an emotional as cooper, the protagonist was leaving for the space and his submissive daughter was left on the earth. It was cooper’s heart wrenching step to do something for the mankind by compromising his own blood.

Interstellar is indeed a cinematic masterpiece that proves the worth of christopher nolan as an auteur.My essay solely focuses on the body of work, cinematic style and auteurism of nolan.

Firstly, nolan’s body of work ranges in various dimensions and aspects as he is fascinated towards the theatre. If you have watched his film The Dark Knight (2008) there are some blocking scenes in the film that clearly manifest how much he likes the persona of stage and theatre.

Most of his films are grounded into the themes such as metaphysics, existentialism, nature of memory, construction of time and space, realistic film sequences and human emotions along with epistemological aspects and non linear narrative structures. These are the vital ingredients in nolan’s body of work. Nolan is an innovative filmmaker because the way he blends these ingredients in his films, it is obvious that people will use their brain in order to understand what do we have witnessed just?

The Dark Knight (2008) one of his critically acclaimed films is my personal favourite for some definite reasons. Though this film is a superhero based yet it is so realistic and grounded that it chronicles struggle of the hero in a very subtle and realistic way. Secondly, Memento (2000) his second film clearly explores the whole storyline of protagonist in a very complex frame. Basically whole the film is shot in two different colour sequences. Black and white colour sequences tell the story in forward direction and colourful sequences tell the story in backward and present direction. For it’s unique craft and complex cinematic composition, memento is preserved in the national film registry of america.

Now the best part is coming when I will mention his cinematic style. Nolan is such a filmmaker that relies solely on the celluloid film because he thinks that this is a pure and original form to shoot a film. According to me, I believe that celluloid film is certainly an original type of film stock because celluloid is exclusively prepared for shooting and screening the films in cinema as in it’s original format. His cinematic style is often based on these aspects. For instance, persona and setting like that of stage and theatre, unconditional film lighting, usage of large film stock like Imax, hand held camera movement for creating some cinematic depth, usage of celluloid film and realistic sequences.

Additionally, he prefers to work on a large film stock like Imax 70mm because it creates an impact to viewers through it’s unparalleled resolution. For instance, Interstellar (2014) was shot into two different formats like panavision 35mm format and other with Imax 70mm.

There is a strong and concrete reason for using these two different film stocks so that audience can experience a novel kind of filmmaking. There is also usage of hand held camera movements in his films because this kind of movement creates a sense of suspense in the film. On the whole, he is one of those filmmakers who has transformed the artform of cinema into new direction. He is my all time favourite filmmaker after peter jackson and steven spielberg. He has indeed directed some of the blockbuster films by maintaining a constant mainstream pulse of cinema.


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