Smartphone-Maker Xiaomi to Start Mass Producing its First EV SU7 in this Month

Smartphone-Maker Xiaomi to Start Mass Producing its First EV SU7 in this Month

Xiaomi, a company notorious for making smartphones, is about to start dealing its veritably first electric auto in China. This auto is called the Xiaomi SU7 hydrofoil. But before people can buy it, the government has to say it’s okay. Xiaomi has asked the government for this blessing. The Xiaomi SU7 is a big electric auto, and you can choose different sizes for its bus. You can pick either a 19-inch bus or 20-inch bones.

This auto will have cool features like a camera on the side that can fete faces to unlock it. There are two performances of how the Xiaomi SU7 moves one with bus that push the auto from the reverse( reverse- wheel drive) and another where all the bus help move the auto( each- wheel drive). The auto will use a special kind of battery made by either BYD or CATL. There will be different performances of the auto with different features, like some having a sect on the reverse that moves. Inside the auto, you can choose what color you want, and it’ll have Xiaomi’s own computer system called HyperOS, just like the bones
in their smartphones.

The Xiaomi SU7 is going to be made in big figures starting in December 2023. People will start getting their buses in February 2024. Another company called BAIC is making these buses for Xiaomi. It’s intriguing because BAIC also makes buses for Mercedes- Benz in China. Xiaomi talked about making electric buses about two and a half times agone
and has spent a lot of plutocrat on it. Now, they ’re getting near to actually doing it.

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