Rakhi Sawant Bollywood Controversial Star Joins Pakistani TV Show Hosted By Aftab Iqbal

Rakhi Sawant Bollywood Controversial Star Joins Pakistani TV Show Hosted By Aftab Iqbal

In an unanticipated twist, the entertainment realm gests an extraordinary crossover as Rakhi Sawant, the undisputed drama queen of Bollywood known for her distinctive capers, prepares to join Iqbal’s show in Dubai. The rendezvous between the brace promises an interesting mix of intellectual converse and unembarrassed drama.

Bollywood drama queen Rakhi Sawant has participated shocking news on her Instagram handle. Their common meetup pledges to be an intriguing emulsion of drama and inspiring discussion.

Aftab warmly welcomes Rakhi to the show and confirms her participation in the new product. Bollywood actress assures Aftab Iqbal that she’ll instantly arrive on set whenever he requires her presence. Aftab Iqbal hints at Rakhi’s protean acting capacities, suggesting that she’ll portray colorful characters throughout the show’s occurrences.

” You do not know Rakhi Sawant,” he adds, while the Indian actress playfully responds,” Aftab Iqbal will introduce you to the real Rakhi Sawant.”

The drama queen guaranteed the famed host that she’d instantly arrive on set whenever he wanted her presence. Aftab determined that the lady will have colorful characters in all occurrences.

He further said that people talk negatively about her that she’s like this or that, those are the people who don’t know who she is. In this statement, a Bollywood actress replied “Aftab Iqbal will show you an actual Rakhi Sawant.”

It’s material to mention then that Rakhi Sawant is full of difficulties. She’s known for her capers and drama that only she can bring to the defenses. She lately made captions because of her marriage with Adil Durrani and latterly they got disassociated and also she went to Umrah some people blamed her that she’s doing all this as a hype trick.

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