JDC Foundation New Good Work

JDC Foundation New Good Work


Zafar Abbas, General Secretary of JDC, has exposed a lab test mafia that is exploiting common citizens with exorbitant charges for essential medical tests.

Abbas, who recently underwent blood tests at a charitable hospital, compared the costs with those from his own lab, revealing a shocking price disparity.

Zafar Abbas claimed that the lab allegedly charged him 21600 PKR for tests that should have cost only 1812 PKR. The stark difference in charges extends across various tests, such as Lipid Profile, HbA1C, Glucose Fasting, and more. For instance, he was charged 3250 PKR for a Lipid Profile that typically costs 210 PKR, and 3200 PKR for an HbA1C test priced at just 300 PKR.

Expressing concern for the common man and the middle class, he highlighted the urgent need for government intervention to curb these exploitative practices. He urged authorities to take strict action against the lab test mafias, emphasizing that such actions are making essential health services unaffordable for many.

Moreover, Zafar Abbas, known for his philanthropic efforts in providing free dialysis services across multiple cities, stressed the importance of collective awareness and action. He called on the public to share his video widely, urging everyone to stand up for their rights and demand affordable healthcare for all. As Abbas fights against this lab test mafia, his appeal for government support resonates as a call to safeguard the well-being of the common man.

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