‘Jawan’ trailer packs a powerful Push to Industry.

‘Jawan’ trailer packs a powerful Push to Industry.

The recently released trailer of the movie Jawan mainly shows Shah Rukh Khan in the role of antagonist. The caravan begins with a voice-over from Shah Rukh Khan. He shares the story of a man, who he describes as a” king,” who lost all his battles one after the other and is full of rage. We also hear of an angry, youthful man” kidnapping Mumbai.” The man in question is none other than Jawan Shah Rukh Khan. What does he want? On a lighter note, he jokes that he” wants Alia Bhatt” but in the meantime, he’ll settle for his masterplan( more on that later). There’s only one thing that’s keeping this Jawan down from his thing- Nayanthara. 


The caravan offers a regard of another antagonist, Vijay, who adds an enigmatic subcaste to the narrative. His depiction had been kept under wraps, adding to the conspiracy. The caravan does not wince down from portraying graphic violence, setting the stage for violent competitions and a narrative bound to keep cults at the edges of their seats.


Deepika’s appearance in the caravan, lasting less than ten seconds, manages to steal the show with its enigmatic charm. Her presence adds another subcaste of expectation to the film’s narrative. also, she looks absolutely beautiful. specially, indeed Alia Bhatt has been integrated into the caravan, albeit in an unanticipated manner. Seriously, it’s rather strange.

It will not be easy to fight this hustler- nor the others. Case in point, Deepika Padukone advises SRK’s jawan that he’ll lose to her and he so does.” I lost to you periods agone,” he says. PS- that scene comes with a goosebumps alert. When Shah Rukh Khan becomes a villain, mercy leaves the room. stay, there’s another villain in the picture- have you met Vijay Sethupathi’s Kalee-” fourth largest armament dealer in the world” and he’ll do anything to cover his business conglomerate.

The caravan ends with a background story of Jawan- how he came what he did. There are flashes of his days as a dogface and flashback scenes of his mama suffering. He adds that he’s willing to give up his life a million times but only for his country. The caravan ends with one last question from Nayanthara. What differently does he want? A song- cue Ramaiya Vastavaiya.


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