Fashion Trends That Might See Pakistani Men Adopting

Fashion Trends That Might See Pakistani Men Adopting

In this advanced era where every field of life is rotating very fastly same is happening in fashion trends around the globe, that fashion waves also change the fashion views in Pakistan in both gender. What constituted a style statement back in the day would be considered dated by today’s standards. We can notice that men fashion industry has also been evolved significantly from last couples of years. It has gone from being plain and generic to being quite funky and innovative.

Style matters as much for men as it does for women. Pakistani men are increasingly style conscious but there are still plenty of men who look scruffy compared to the woman on their arm. With apologies to the many well-dressed men out there, here are some styling tips for the average Pakistani man.

The rise of the Shalwar Kameez fashion

Shalwar Kameez is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It is the most classy and comfortable attire anyone can adorn. It holds a special place in our history and has a deep-rooted value as our national dress. It is also the most versatile outfit, and you can design it according to your style and comfort zone. Lately, we have been seeing a modern twist in the latest shalwar kameez design trends.

The “dad chic” fashion is mostly a reference to the style worn by older adult men on a daily basis (basically our dads). However, we see more younger age men adopting this style and wearing it on a daily basis. One such form of “dad chic” fashion is shalwar kameez. A traditional dress that is worn by adult men on a daily basis. It is only on special occasions like Eid or a wedding do younger guys wear shalwar kameez. Now, we see how young men are donning the dress on a daily basis, wearing it wherever they go. We can see that trend carrying out to next year.

Denim Kurta Pajamas 

As the kurta is every Pakistani man’s go-to outfit and is the most everyone wears here as it is light and comfortable to wear in the scorching heat, we have done a little research for you bringing you the latest trends for Kurtas so that you can look dashing and rock you’re every summer look wearing kurta this year.

It is a trend that never gets old and will give you a super elegant look always. As it is very rightly said that wearing kurta can make your gloomy days bright, it is what we all can agree. Perhaps a trend that one cannot simply ignore as you see it everywhere you go. This style of clothing is a great blend of both local and western influence. The combination of the two makes for a unique and aesthetically pleasing style of dress that can be worn anytime of the day. As the popularity of this dress grows substantially, we can only see this popularity excel even more in the coming year.

The Rise Of Printed Shirt

Some colors radiate a soothing and cool vibe and the beige color in summers is one of them. You can wear a beige-colored kurta and can pair it up with white shalwar or you can go with the beige shalwar too, it will look elegant in both ways. The minimal embroidery on the neckline can add some elegant and fancy touch to the outfit with the embroidered Patti on the front and the fine piping on the sleeves and the neckline. You can also go in pajamas instead of shalwar according to your preferences and comfort.

Printed shirts have become the newest fashion fad and can be seen worn by many men across the country. You can even see men donning printed shalwar kameezzes, which was something you only saw women wear. As more men continue to don such forms of clothing, it is safe to say that this trend will continue on. We predict that next year, this trend will experience massive growth in popularity.


In the past, accessories were a luxury that not all men could afford. While those days aren’t far too behind, accessories are now more affordable and available to everyone. You can still find an expensive watch or a solid gold bracelet with diamonds, but you can also find more affordable solutions such as a watch without any fancy movements or a natural stone bracelet with gold plating.

What was completely only exclusive to women has now been adopted by men. You see more men nowadays accessorize and wear watches and rings that match their clothes. Many men carefully pick and choose which watch to wear to see if it matches their outfit. The trend has become mainstream and we believe that it will remain this way for the next year. This just goes to show how much men’s fashion has evolved in recent times.

Men trends in footwear

Shoes play an essential role in every outfit. After all, the right footwear can quickly make or break your look. So, if you want to appear stylish, it’s important to have the right shoes on hand to complete and complement your every ensemble. Luckily, we can point you and your feet in the right direction.


From running errands to attending a formal gala, we’ve narrowed down a selection of stylish men’s shoes at every man should have in his wardrobe. Today we put a much greater focus on factors such as the style, the materials, weight, and durability.  The design of new fashion shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with form originally being tied to function to now almost form. Today shoe trends are followed with just as much interest as clothing designers. Everyone has heard about in-demand sneakers like Jordans or Yeezys.  Sneakers are the most popular shoe trend, they are primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but are now also widely used for everyday casual wear.

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