Fabulous Ways To Plan A Grand Summer Wedding

Fabulous Ways To Plan A Grand Summer Wedding

Summer is one of the most popular times of year to get married. Everything is brighter, warmer, and happier. Additionally, some of the best honeymoon destinations are in the prime during the summer. However, summer days also bring high levels of heat and discomfort, especially if you’re going to be all dressed up. Many weddings, as beautiful as they are, forget to take this into account and end with hot, sweaty guests who would much rather go home than watch the happy couple get married. 


Summer wedding makeup differs from winter makeup in colors and products; during summer you need to choose lighter and softer colors, and go for lighter products that are not as heavy as your winter makeup products. Don’t forget that waterproof makeup is the perfect choice for a bridal makeup look during summer.


Brides are going for simple and more natural makeup, for the past couple of years, brides are getting their inspiration from famous fashion and beauty bloggers, celebrities, and of course the royals. This summer, peachy and blush colors are very popular for summer wedding makeup, as well as earthy tones with very minimal touches of metallic. For brides who want a little more makeup on their wedding day, you can surely add an elegant touch by wearing some eyeliner. As for lipstick, although it depends on your skin tone, this summer it’s all about peachy colors, pink shades, and of course nude colors. Remember to always consult with your makeup artist before your wedding day, let them know what kind of makeup you want, and show them pictures so they can have a clear idea.

Summer Wedding Hair style

Pakistani Wedding Hairstyles. Every girl wants to look like a Queen on her big day. Plus, being a Pakistani bride is no joke from the heavily embroidered and embellished lehenga to being laden with all kinds of heavy jewelry, and getting layers of makeup. A Pakistani bride has to go through a lot.

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, there are tons of Wedding hairstyles for brides trending in Pakistan right now. they can glorify Barat, Waleema, Mehendi, after wedding parties and other occasions. Brides like to possess flowers, dupatta, matha Patti, jhoomar, crown, and other techniques depending on their unique face type which is a sole factor, and dresses for Waleema day can also be explored. 


Chiffon sarees is always in fashion and can carry very easy with comfort and elegant, Specially in summer you can opt this dress either in printer, simple or bright colors. Belive us you will look very beautifull in pictures but you must use some paired accessories like makeup and jewellery pieces. You can dressed up more party formate with comfort.


On the list of important wedding day accessories, finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes is at the very top. Comparable only to the dress, shoes are essential from a fashion, comfort, and aesthetic perspective. And just like wedding dresses, there are a lot of different options out there depending on your personal style—and figuring out what type of heel you should wear on your wedding day is a question that may have come to mind.

Its true that ladies love to enjoy heels at events but in this summer session, wearing heels is not good idea.  So instead of wearing high heels, opt for shoes that are more comfortable such as wedges and khussas.


If your wedding falls during a very hot and humid time of year, or if you’re getting hitched somewhere that’s warm year round, there are a few fabrics you should consider while dress shopping. You don’t want to end up in something heavy and spend the day sweating in your gown! We’ve rounded up a few fabrics that work best for high temps.

  • Charmeuse
  • Chiffon
  • Crepe
  • Swiss Dot
  • Illusion
  • Organza

These fabric selection give you cool feel on long summer event and give comfortable. You will feel more confident and will enjoy the event more than others. 


The latest wedding fashion trends now have become more interesting that arouse curiosity among people not only in Asian countries but also in most of the parts of the world. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options available on how to set bridal dupatta for wedding or barat day.

Rather than focusing on to wearing a most expensive wedding bridal dress on your wedding day, try to carry the dupatta in a most impressive and stylish way that everyone get inspired by you. There is a tradition for the wedding brides to carry dupatta on her wedding or barat day.

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