DEOSAI Became New Height Of Fashion For Lulusar

DEOSAI Became New Height Of Fashion For Lulusar

Lulusar is the unseen beauty of womenswear treasure explored by female’s eyes from the north. Deep pleats, high-fashion silhouettes on canvases in a spectrum of colours. Uplifting the revolutionary changes on the face of fashion since 2017. Filling the colours of happiness in the life of young passionate fashion lover audience who are always striving for something new, something energetic, something which has never been try before and that is the slogan we are acquired for Lulusar.

Maintain the tradition from last so many years Lulusa opted for the new land of the north for their most demanding campaign of the year which took a number of months for planning. This year Deosai became the new height for our campaign, the land of giants and undefined natural beauty, which not allow anyone to shoot such a campaign until now and it is the reason which made this campaign more special for all of us; With scenic views of grass rising to your knees and water bodies that flow as clear as its sky, Deosai is remarked as the ‘end of the world’ as some explorers might call it. Rightfully so, because if the world should end, it must end with a view of heaven’s prodigy, the abode of the spirits.

The local community of Baltistan are always love to wear high rich colours of vibrancies which truly reveals their traditions and true spirit of Baltistan nature.Lulusar curated a collection that not only embraced the spirit of Deosai, Baltistan but owns it. . In practice, the design of alternating stripes of red, white, yellow, and green with the dark brown brocade weaving pattern on ensembles that silhouette in sophistication and elegance. Ethnic fused with modern progressive wear in bright popping colours of Deosai that bring everything to life around them. Ikat hails from the culture of South Asia but now storms beyond central Asia to all over the world. Acclaimed international designers have studied and worked on a technique as complex as ikat.

As upshot Lalusar total reversed the way women in Pakistan see fashion from last so many years. Lalusar is now known as the new address of modern fashion but this journey of experiments and discoveries for a new era will never end.









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