Daraz Fires Several Employees Amid Tough Market Conditions

Daraz Fires Several Employees Amid Tough Market Conditions

eCommerce mammoth Daraz has decided to lay off “ numerous valued members of the Daraz family ” as the company’s cost structure continued to fall suddenly of its fiscal targets. The sanctioned statement by Acting CEO James Dong read, “ This decision was taken as a last resort. Over the once couple of times, we’ve worked to manage costs and ameliorate functional effectiveness mainly.

Despite our sweats to explore different results, our cost structure continues to fall short of our fiscal targets. Facing unknown challenges in the request, we must take quick action to ensure our company’s long-term sustainability and continued growth.

“To those who will be departing – your dedication and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Daraz into what it is today. Daraz could not have done it without you. Together, we have made a lasting impact on millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of sellers through digitalization. We will do all we can to support you through a severance scheme, career support, and overall wellness.
For those who will continue their journey at Daraz, we genuinely appreciate your understanding and resilience. We believe we can help Daraz navigate this challenging period together,” the statement added.

Dong said Daraz’s focus was now on proactively perfecting the consumer experience by diversifying its immolations of value- for- plutocrat products and expanding its product orders. “ In tandem, we will work to enhance the functional effectiveness of merchandisers on our platform. We’ll also strive to cultivate an effective, nimble, and flexible association, inseminated with fighting spirit and the capability to achieve palms essential for maintaining our request leadership in all five requests, ” he said. “ We remain passionate and ambitious about South Asia and are committed to maintaining our indigenous presence to continue contributing to its digital metamorphosis. Our overarching thing is to enable businesses and consumers across South Asia to reap the benefits of e-commerce, ” he added. The acting CEO expressed confidence in the remaining platoon’s capability to continue to hoist communities through the transformative power of commerce. “ With our collaborative strength and commitment, we stand poised to shape a future where the impact of digital commerce will be more remarkable, ” he concluded.

Experts claim that a common practice among all global e-commerce platforms is inordinate hiring during peak trade seasons, especially the last quarter of a time. These redundant workers are also let go when demand fades in the first quarter each time. In Daraz’s case, its 11/11 and 12/12 deals, followed by the New Year’s trade make up the peak season.

It’s worth mentioning that last time Daraz reduced its pool by 11 percent and criticized it on delicate request conditions. Bjarke Mikkelsen, who was the CEO at the time, tried to support the blasting spree with a statement that the request terrain had turned and came extremely delicate due to issues like the Russia- Ukraine war, force chain dislocations, soaring affectation, adding levies, and junking of essential government subventions in requests like Pakistan.

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