China is 3D printing a massive dam

China is 3D printing a massive dam

The engineers planned the project according to a research paper published in the  Journal of Tsinghua University last month, which laid out plans for the dam.

The South China Post reported that the planned Yellow River dam will be fully ‘robotic’ and offer nearly five billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. 

Machinery will deliver the 3D-printed modules from the production area to the site, and then using unmanned bulldozers, pavers, and rollers the dam will be constructed without human labour.

Sensors on the rollers will keep the AI system informed that the structure is firm and stable, as it is built in layers which will eventually reach 590 feet. 

Large structures have been constructed in recent years using 3D printing, like houses in China and office buildings in Dubai. The research paper’s lead author, Liu Tianyun, remarked that the AI system will keep the robotic line and 3D printing running smoothly, eliminating chances of human error or even concerns for human safety.

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