Best Summer Party Makeup Tips in Pakistan

Best Summer Party Makeup Tips in Pakistan

Pakistani New Party Makeup Ideas 2022 is mostly needed for wedding and party occasions. If you would like to grasp all concerning the Pakistani party makeup ideas 2022 then we have a tendency to area unit certain that this text can be aiming to give you out with the most effective details. Party has continuously been referred to as the place or happening of fun and diversion.

With the arrival of summers, we all are worried of how to get quick summer makeup tips. Are you feeling the same? Before we go to a party, function, or wedding ceremony, it is important for us to take good care of our beauty. And this is only possible when the makeup tips are taken care of. Due to the lack of time, most of the girls are not ready to understand that over bulking their skin can never be of any help. Read these quick summer makeup tips and enjoy good results.

Use concealer in summers

Summer calls for a light coverage concealer as humidity and heat can cause cakiness. Not cool. So, we recommend a creamy consistency like the Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, perfect for the delicate eye area as well as on blemishes.

During the summer season, you can consider to use concealer. Put it on all parts of your face and neck for hiding the dark circles and on other facial areas with the help of your fingertips. Once you have applied it, the next turn is to properly massage. Make sure to use your finger pores for this so that each and every part of your skin gets proper and complete moisturizer.

Right below your lower lash line is exactly where your concealer is likely to crease due to oily buildup and the excessive sensitivity of the area. So make sure you apply the product a little away from your lower lash line.

Don’t use too much face powder

Powder is also a great base upon which to apply blush, contour, bronzer, or shimmer. You can apply those things straight on top of your foundation if you like, but everything lasts longer when powder is in the mix. Another option is to use powder to set cream eyeshadow, turn down the volume on blush that’s too bright, give a slippery lip color more staying powder, and in an emergency, as a replacement for dry shampoo.

During the summers, it is mandatory to remember that you should not use too much face powder. This is due to the reason that it can damage your skin, leading you to suffer from a lot of problems. Try to not use too much face powder, and make sure that you have maintained a balance between everything.

Cleansing in Summer

Heat and humidity during summer causes the oil glands to work overtime, thus producing more oils and making your skin sticky. Remember to clean your face and neck with a mild wash every morning before you step out, and evening before you go to bed.

The major thing one needs to remember is to cleanse face thoroughly in summer. Do not do it immediately after coming in from the sun. The cleansing routine should be done in the morning or at night as part of a routine skin care regime. Use a good Aloe Vera or moisturizing face wash to cleanse your skin. The cucumber and papaya variants also do well and are available in several brands. First, cleanse your face to remove all dirt and suntan with the help of cleansing milk or rose water.

Washing your face is probably something that you’re already doing on a regular basis, but clean skin during the long summer months is super important. “During the summer heat skin gets oilier and becomes more exposed to the elements, especially the sun,” Dr. Debra Luftman, dermatologist and Simple Skincare advisory board member, says. 

Moisturizing The Skin

Dry skin by itself isn’t a medical worry, although serious cases can result in cracks and fissures that invite infection and inflammation. The real issue is discomfort — dry skin can be sore, tender to the touch, and often itchy (although not all itchy skin is dry). There’s also the red, rough, scaly appearance lamented in many advertisements for moisturizers.

Do not neglect to moisturize your skin in summer. And this is major makeup tip for the summer season, as many have a myth not to apply moisturizer in summer. We often believe that it makes our skin oily and hence, we avoid products like moisturizers, but do not neglect this step. It will also give freshness to the face. It is also important to use a good scrub every week to remove impurities and dust which pile up on the outer layer of the skin due to external factors like pollution. Apply the scrub in circular motions to the face. You can also prepare your own scrub at home with rice powder and curd in order to exfoliate the dead skin cells.

Sunscreen Application

Application of a good sunscreen is vital during the summer months. One cannot stress the importance of sunscreen enough every day, especially during summer. The sun during this season can really do harm to your skin, and the only way to protect is by applying sunscreen diligently. Any summertime makeup must begin with the sunscreen. Apply no less than 50+ SPF on the face and neck every morning. Even if you do not step out of the home, this step is very essential. This should be reapplied every four hours to be effective on the skin for the whole day.

Although sunblock and sunscreen do the same things, they work a bit differently. Sunblock is a physical defense that uses minerals to absorb UV rays and it starts working the moment you put it on. Sunscreen, however, is a chemical formula that works by absorbing into the skin. It needs to be applied at least 10 minutes before sun exposure to give it ample time to sink in. The one thing that doesn’t vary between sunblock and sunscreen is sun protection factor (SPF). A sunblock and a sunscreen that are both rated at SPF 30 provide the same level of protection. Ultimately, between the two, there is no “better” product.  The best sunscreen or sunblock is the one you use regularly.


Eye Makeup

Next comes the eye makeup as part of these simple summer makeup tips. Here is how to go about it! Breathtaking & dramatic: Smokey eye makeup is a true classic, and turns your eyes into real highlights.

a. Eye Shadow:

The first step to go for is eye shadow. In summer, we all want to keep our makeup light and bright. Hence go for either nude colours or bright colours as per skin tone and occasion. Makeup tips for oily skin in summer are to apply eye shadow only on eye primer. There are eye primers available in the market to ensure that eye makeup lasts for a longer time. Apply first a light shadow on the crease and then lightly spread over with a brush. Next, take similar tone colours of the shadow and extend the application from inside of the eye to the outer area.

b. Eye Liner:

It is essential to use waterproof eyeliner during the summer. Do not use normal eyeliners, as this may be get smudged due to sweat and heat. Apply evenly on the upper lid of the eye.

c. Kajal:

Go for Kajal in the next step. Apply evenly on the lower lid of the eye to add boldness and beauty to the eyes. Summer makeup for dark skin also can follow this step and do not need to skip it. This is uniform for all skin tones.

d. Mascara:

Mascara makes another important component. This will help enhance the eyelashes. For summer, you can use waterproof mascara. This helps mascara and eyelashes to look fuller and stay for a longer time.

e. Eyebrows Makeup:

While many underestimate the importance of eyebrows, we cannot fail to emphasize, given the altogether new look it can provide. The eyebrow and lashes can be applied evenly to make them look fuller and make eyes look brighter!

Lip Makeup

Complete your look with the right lipstick and set the tone. Get seductive, kissable lips with our beauty care and makeup tips – Step-by-step to perfect lips. Landing the right makeup tips for different lip shapes is a crucial step, as it can make or break your entire look. Lip makeup accentuates the facial features and can take your appearance from drab to fab single-handedly.

But lips come in different shapes, and therefore, they require different kinds of makeup. While some have thin lips, others are blessed with juicy plump lips. It can be tricky to make thin lips look fuller and more defined. That is why we share some exclusive hacks that will help ace your lip makeup effortlessly.

Girls, we think that one of the biggest makeup tips for thin lips that a lot of girls forget about is lip primer. Just a little dab and rub in can honestly make sure that your lipstick, lip stain and even your lip gloss stays flawless all night! For me, I use Urban Decay’s Lip Primer Potion. It’s a balm of all balms – and keeps my lips looking amazing!

Presenting the 10 best lip tips, according to makeup artists, that we could find:

  1. Complement brown eyes with cool blue-toned lip colors, like deep reds or purples. Against blue or green eyes, warm orange-reds and corals pop
  2. When hydrating your lips, more is more: apply balm past the lip line, onto the skin. Leave it on for as long as possible before putting on lipstick.
  3. Choose one place (Cupid’s bow, bottom lip) to overdraw your lips with a pencil that matches your lipstick — emphasizing a single area looks natural. 
  4. Less is more when you’re wearing blush with bright lipstick— pick a blush in the same color family as your lipstick, and use a light hand.
  5. Put on a matte liquid lipstick, then apply a regular lipstick over it. Using similar shades — or different ones — creates its own beautiful color and texture.
  1. Use a wedge sponge or index card as a guide to line your lips with precision — excess product will come off on it and not on the skin around the lip.
  2. If you want to make your lips look pouty, use a slightly lighter lipstick on the center of your upper and lower lips than you do at the edges.
  3. Most people don’t know where their lip line ends. Tilt your head back so you can line the very bottom of your lower lip and your lips will look fuller.
  4. Creamy lipsticks can be applied with a brush, but most mattes pay off better when you put them on straight from the bullet

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