Become a Witness to Tahir Abbas’s latest breakthrough in music industry: Luddan di Luddi

Become a Witness to Tahir Abbas’s latest breakthrough in music industry: Luddan di Luddi

It’s been a long time, and have not listened a song from the singer of Ruseya Na Kr and Man Meriya. So, get set and ready, a new song by Tahir Abbas is going to release for breaking all the records, and music admirers will going to love it because it is something they have never listened before. Tahir Abbas has made his mark in the music industry in no time, ruling over the hearts of music lovers for years. A Singer with a huge fan following, who always brings uniqueness and ingenuity through his songs and raises awareness about particular topics all the time….

Sometimes it becomes challenging to own yourself and things related to you. However, the actual exquisiteness of a person is how he values his culture, heritage, language, people, and accent and how he owns them. This is the natural beauty and versatility of singer Tahir Abbas, which must be remembered and alive forever. The theme and idea behind his new song “Luddan di Luddi” is definitely about owning yourself and your culture, your people, and your language. He always comes with the thing that music lovers can’t resist and falls in love not only with his voice but with the themes of his songs.

Luddan is basically a village located on the bank of Satluj River in Vehari District, Punjab. People of this small town have the hearts filled with love and generosity and minds with intelligence however the infrastructure is not so good. There is one domineering thing that people of Luddan will shine because they know how to love. Luddan di Luddi is all about people of Luddan and Tahir Abbas has always introduce heritage, traditions and cultures through his songs and Music fans can expect such kind of concept and ideas only from Tahir Abbas. This song like his previous block buster songs has been written and composed by him.


Throughout his music career, Tahir Abbas has always created waves in music industry by introducing versatility and tradition to maintain and revive the Punjabi music by his vocals and exclusive ideas. This is evident from his every song released till now. From “Motorway” to “Ranjhana way” every song tells a different story of love, heritage and versa through his diverse compositions and ideas. He is renowned Pakistani Singer and composer, songwriter and ambassador of Folk music and got popularity after the success of his first track “Ruseya na kar” which crossed 50 million views and trended as top music in the subcontinent for one month and his song Man Meriyan was among top trending songs on YouTube and got millions of views in a very duration. The success of Tahir Abbas is a motivation for the young youth of Pakistan to not to give up whatever the circumstance is and prove yourself. Moreover, Luddan Di Luddi also has message for young youth to own yourself, love yourself and your language, traditions, culture and people.


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