Ayesha Chundrigar and ACF’s Upcycled Dog Leashes Are A Must-See

Ayesha Chundrigar and ACF’s Upcycled Dog Leashes Are A Must-See

If you haven’t already heard of Ayesha Chundrigar and ACF Animal Rescue’s brand new dog leashes, you’re surely missing out! Several weeks have passed since the CEO and founder of Pakistan’s largest animal welfare organization opened up a booth at a Florida expo where she launched her upcycled dog leashes, an initiative so extraordinary that we’ve never seen anything like it in the country. As soon as the launch of the leashes was announced the news went viral and people couldn’t get enough of the innovative designs. Providing the best possibilities for animals and humans to live in harmony, Ayesha and her team at ACF, along with her sister Sonia Chundrigar, came up with an excellent design for an array of colorful dog leashes created from materials that were extracted from the ocean as they were significantly harming marine life and made the most out of the situation at hand by women who were married off at a young age. Ghost net is one of the biggest environmental problems the world is facing today. Now, thanks to Chundrigar and her team, child brides have fought their way to financial independence.

The ACF team has been working on this project since 2018 when they won the WWF Green Innovation Challenge for creating dog leashes out of used fishnets rescued from the ocean and humane donkey harnesses made of plastic waste. Now, a few years later, with modified versions of the eco-friendly dog leash, Ayesha and her sister have launched ACF’s sister social enterprise named Trio, to help raise funds to support ACF Animal Rescue’s consistent work in animal welfare, which includes their daily rescues and caring for their previous abused shelter animals.

“We are here because we recognize that, as humans, we cannot go in producing at the expense of our limited natural resources. We recognize that we have both intentionally and unintentionally done more harm than good to our planet. And finally, we recognize that there is no better time to rectify our past mistakes, live better and do better, on an individual, local and global scale. We are being called to rise to the challenge of adapting our lifestyle in a way that causes no harm to others. We are committed to creating a business model that benefits the many pillars of life on earth,” states the ethos of ACF’s sister enterprise, Trio.

Ayesha Chundrigar founded Trio as an initiative that aims to serve the environment as well as the people and animals that inhabit the earth. The dog leashes are made with love in Pakistan, durable and long-lasting, made from upcycled marine plastic waste, and provide jobs and empower as well as educate local & vulnerable communities. 50% of the profits will go to ACF Animal Rescue in order to provide better services for animals across the country.

“Our aim is to clean the oceans to save marine life, incentivize the fishermen to extract ghost nets (fishnet) from the oceans, empower women and other neglected, struggling segments of society, and finally, support all the work that ACF does to help animals daily.”

“Trio believed that living a good life and living life for food should be mutually exclusive. We believe in making good choices, choices that can positively impact not only ourselves but the people, the planet, and the many wonderful animals that inhabit it,” stated Ayesha Chundrigar.

We love this initiative by ACF Animal Rescue and Chundrigar herself and we can’t wait to see more innovations like this from the exemplary animal rescue service which shows up for abused animals with compassion every time.


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