5 Top Winter Tricks To Glow Your Skin

5 Top Winter Tricks To Glow Your Skin

Have you ever wondered how to get glowing, hydrated, and healthy skin this winter? Fear not, your girl has your back. I have 5 top tips to keep your skin glowing. Our skin can often be one of our most neglected areas, despite it being the largest organ in our body. We do, after all, live in it!

Nowadays we are enjoying a busy winter schedule where the daytime is short to complete daily tasks, and self-care and maintenance is almost hard to do. But as per professionals caring about yourself keep you fit mentally and physically too. In this cool weather, it is very hard to keep track that all things which result in damage to the skin and put unhappy effects on the overall personality. So today our team do a collaboration with skin and beauty experts to bring 5 magical tricks to uplift your skin glow in this winter.

Choose Corrective, Moisture-Rich Facials

As we know, cool weather is the best time for some restorative skin facials. Most skin procedures’ perfect results come from performing them on skin that hasn’t been sunkissed for a while. Therefore, the coolest months of winter are a great time to correct some of the sun damage we may have caused during the sunnier months of the year. In addition that we should have to opt best skin moisture to foil the dryness of our skin.

Because of cool air, dry weather, and the extra use of hot beverages like tea and coffee bring dryness to your skin. Therefore experts suggested using of skin moisturizer to remove dryness and dullness from your skin, especially from your face. It is also noticed that honey lotions with white extract will also support to get glowing and shiny skin. Nowadays numbers of different skin products are available in the market but we suggest you select the product after proper research.


Switch Up Your Routine

It is very important to know about your skin and contact with a skin specialist to suggest what product or two you like and that works well for your skin and then be tempted to continue using those products for months or even years on end. It is very very hard in the initial stages to ignore the thing which you love to do and opt for the things which are best for your skin and body but believe us, once you get into routine nothing will be impossible for you and you always feel fresh and healthy.

Skin experts suggest not reducing the consumption of fresh juices because Juices and smoothies are also great for getting various nutrients in one healthy serving. Juice is also a great source of vitamins and nutrients which help to boost our skin glow and overall health, but we shout avoid the preservatives and extra sugar drinks. In addition to that, A fairly new discovery for me has also been coconut water. Coconut water has intense hydrating properties and is also a good source trusted Source of vitamin C as well as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

lukewarm water

In the cool winter season, it is normal to use of hot water for showering and face washing, it is also true that hot water gives a very comfortable cozy feeling but on the other hand it is also very dangerous not only for our body mussels but also not recommended for our skin, especially for face cause our face skin is too sensitive. Hot water becomes causes skin dryness and flaky. According to a skin specialist hot water foil all the oil from your skin which makes the skin dry and dull, peeling and flaking in addition. So our experts suggest you to use lukewarm water for face and hand wash.

A hot shower is what all of us love to take when the temperature is dropping. Well, if you love your skin, avoid the hot shower, instead, use lukewarm water to showar. A hot shower can easily dry the skin, making your skin prone to develop cracks and winter eczema. Remember to apply a moisturizer post-shower to preserve the moisture intact and prevent dryness.

Drink more water

It is often noticed that in winter weather people reduce the consumption of drinking water as compared to hot days because they do not feel more thirsty. But as per research experts found that the process of water dehydration will same not matter whether the weather is cool or hot. So it is strongly suggested to use plenty of water to fulfill the need of your body, and skin. People who drink low quantities of water in winter will suffer a number of skin diseases like dark circles, double skin tone, dryness, and others.

Your skin is made up of cells that need water to function well. The connection between drinking water and having healthy skin is still ongoing, but at least one 2015 study trusted Source concluded there’s a strong link between drinking more water and having healthier skin.

Daily Exercise

Physical exercise on a very regular basis not only helps you to gain a fit and smart body but also boosts to foil a number of skin diseases. Amazingly when we do physical exercise in winter, we lose more calories as compared to normal days. So winter season is best to remove your fat and convert your body into perfect shape. Regular exercises in winter can increase blood flow and give power to the immune system.

You may have considered physical activity only in the context of something you do to keep your heart strong and maintain your weight, but regularly moving your body also plays a vital role in skin health and appearance. Immediate effects of exercise include “increased blood flow to the skin and increased lymph flow, which decreases eye puffiness,” says Leslie Baumann, MD, a dermatologist in Miami and author of The Skin Type Solution.

Exercise for glowing skin leads to the production of collagen. This stimulated collagen supports healthy cell turnover, leading to healthy and glowing skin. High-intensity training such as cardio exercises for glowing skin boosts the production of telomerase, which is an enzyme responsible for protecting your DNA. In the long run, protecting and enhancing the growth of your skin cells.

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