5 Places To Find The Most Delicious Halwa Puri In Lahore

5 Places To Find The Most Delicious Halwa Puri In Lahore

Lahore is a place of wonders when it comes to finding iconic desi places for food. What we call ‘old Lahore’ is indeed a gem hidden in the heart of the metropolitan city where the remains of our Mughal era are ever-present. Old Lahore has some of the best places for halwa puri when you’re feeling up to it. Halwa puri is believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent. Today, it is celebrated across borders, with major cities in Pakistan like Lahore, filled with the best halwa puri destinations.  Halwa puri is the ultimate desi nashta you find in Pakistan. It consists of a puri, the oilier the better, halwa made fresh every day and something on the side. Be it chanay or be it aloo, we love it all. 

 Taj Mahal Sweets

If you want to enjoy halwa puri and the best khoya Halwa in town, this is the place to try it out. The place is located in a busy area but the fresh and unique taste is worth the trouble!  It is definitely one of the most iconic shops in Lahore where you can get the best halwa puri from. Nestled at the backside of the Lahore Fort in a small gali, the place has won the heart of every true Lahori. You can get a plate for up to Rs.100 with the usual halwa, puri, and aloo ki bhujia or channay alongside. Beware, their lassi can knock you out for a whole day.

Chand Shahab Sweets

Chand Shahab Sweets is another old and very popular place in Lahore for halwa puri. If you reach there early, you will get a mouthwatering halwa puri breakfast with juicy mango pickles to top it off.  The place is near Taxali Gate and you will see the place packed with people, especially on the weekends.  Another iconic and truly legendary spot for halwa puris in Lahore. You have to reach between 7 am to 12 pm in order to enjoy fresh halwa puris and we all know it’s fresh or nothing,  on weekends it is jam-packed so go on a weekday. Their specialty is the mango pickle they give alongside.

Capri Restaurant

The Capri Restaurant not only serves great halwa puri but their nihari and biryani are also worth a try.  You should try out their tea and other items as well! Capri Restaurant is located opposite Bandu Khan on MM Alam Road, Lahore. Their halwa puri is also considered one of the best ones in the city. The crispy hot puri served with the mouthwatering halwa is effortlessly irresistible for anyone, even karachiites! Their specialty is their aloo ki bhujia.

Butt Sweets

Butt sweets serve delicious sweets and fried goods under one roof. Their puri has a unique taste and their potato-chana curry is just the right amount of spicy. Who can forget to include Butt Sweets in their list of the best halwa puri places in Lahore? Butt Sweet has branches all over the country and they’ve got one of the best halwa puri plates you’d be willing to devour. Don’t miss out!

Sadiq Halwa Puri

If you want fresh puri channa and halwa cooked in desi ghee, visit Sadiq Halwa Puri. The place serves refreshing lassi as well so you can gulp down the heavy breakfast while enjoying the light drink.  Located on Railway Road and Ichhra road, Sadiq also deserves a spot on this list. It has maintained its standard and its name over the years because of how fresh and authentic its halwa puri is. Along with the usual halwa, puri, and a generous serving of chanay, they also include a stuffed puri (pathora). This is unusual because at other shops you order it separately.

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